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Which is the Best AC Temperature for Energy Efficiency?

A recent move by the Power Ministry of India to increase the default AC temperature to 24 degrees can help you save around Rs.4,000 on your yearly electricity bills. Thus, the best AC temperature for energy efficiency in India should be 2 degrees. Want to know more about this? Read on!

The Ministry of Power (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) had recently stated that all room ACs will come with a default temperature of 24 degrees starting January 1 2020. It means that when you switch your AC on, it will start at 24 degrees. You can always reduce the AC temperature as per your needs to 22 or 18 as desired.

The Government says if you run the AC at this temperature, then you will save Rs.4,000 on the light bill. Many people, other than the air conditioner price, also worry about the higher light bill and hence; don’t buy it at all. The current move by the Government should encourage people to buy an AC and reduce the light bill superbly.

Why is 24 degrees the best AC temperature for energy efficiency?

The move behind the making the default temperature of AC to 24 degrees has a deeper sense behind it. The Government believes that AC temperature reduction to 24 degrees from 18 degrees can help people save up to 24% on energy bills. US and Japan have already regulations put in place for AC functioning. Japan opted for a default AC temperature of 28 degrees, while the USA went for 26 degrees.

How much can you save on yearly power bills?

If you set the AC temperature at 24 degrees, then you will be able to save up to Rs.4,000 on your annual electricity bills. On the other hand, if you further increase the AC temperature to 27 degrees, then a saving of Rs.6,500 per year on power bills can be made.

Would it be feasible to set the AC at 24 degrees in humid weather?

The standard body temperature is 36-37 degree Celsius. Thus, if you keep the temperature around 24 degrees; then it will be healthier for people in a tropical country like India. As per the comfort chart of the Ministry, up to 25 degrees temperature are comfortable for a human body and taking into account air movement values and desired humidity.

Will not setting the AC at 24 degrees means more time to cool a room?

It is a misconception. The AC thermostat only checks the air temperature inside the room and stops the compressor after reaching the desired level. It denotes that the AC compressor will work more if the temperature is set at a lower level. Thus, it will need to work more and consume more units of power to reach 18 degrees than 24 degrees. Why? It is simply because it will take less time for the AC compressor to reach 24 degrees than 18 degrees. This way, the room will be cooled earlier, and you will be able to enjoy substantial savings on your yearly electricity bills.

Now that you are aware of the ideal temperature to run an AC and enjoy savings on yearly power bills, you can invest in an air conditioner this summer without worries. You can also compare the air conditioner price on a third-party platform and then decide the best machine that may match your needs and budget.

The air conditioner price in India begins at around Rs.25,000 for split and around Rs.19,000-20,000. The best AC brands in India are Voltas, Samsung, Daikin, LG, Whirlpool, Blue Star, Hitachi and Videocon. The air conditioners of these brands are performance driven and also provide better after-sales and customer support services.

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