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Wooden or plastic kennel: what to choose for my dog
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Wooden or plastic kennel: what to choose for my dog

Which kennel should I choose for my dog? A wooden or plastic niche? Your dog also needs a cozy little nest to rest and spend peaceful nights. It is therefore important to do everything possible to make him feel good. But to sleep, what kind of dog kennel should be installed, should it have a flat roof or not?

Advantages and disadvantages of a wooden niche

The choice of kennel for your protégé depends on several criteria, including the size of your dog and the outside temperatures. Based on these, you will know immediately if you need perfectly insulating materials or if a simple niche is enough. If you choose a wooden kennel, you will have a clear feeling of solidity and isolation for your dog. Your fur ball will not be deprived of more or less fresh outside air. Inside, it will be very well protected from bad weather which can fall on it, at any time.

The body heat, diffusing quickly, will also be very well preserved, since the dimensions of your kennel should not be too large compared to the size of your dog. Moisture will not penetrate it. Finally, this type of cozy nest can receive a door or a shutter, preventing rain from entering and cooling your pet. On the other hand, it is imperative to properly maintain the wood which, over time, is damaged and chipped. A protective coat of varnish is welcome, and this, on a regular basis. It should also be noted that even if this niche has the virtue of staying outside, the wood is heavy. Once installed and placed in your garden, it can seem difficult to move. Buy Dog houses

Advantages and disadvantages of a plastic niche

As strange as it may seem, plastic is very light, even if it is used for a large niche. Easy to maintain, it is less insulating than wood, but still keeps your dog’s body heat. Is it a good idea to choose this material? Yes, because it can be installed anywhere in your garden or on your terrace. Existing in several sizes and several forms, you can fill your pet on all fours, in a very simple way. The advantage also lies in the fact that plastic is cheaper to buy, so the niche will necessarily be less expensive.

Which niche to choose?

A dog kennel is chosen according to certain criteria. Despite everything, it is also necessary to see according to the place which you have, the more or less brutal changes of temperature and, especially, time. If it snows often, a flat roof niche will not be the best choice. Why? Because the snow will stagnate instead of evacuating, causing a high level of humidity. On the other hand, in regions where precipitation and snow are scarce, this niche may be possible. Wood niche or plastic niche, you are the master of choice. Niche with flat roof or not, there too, you can see depending on your place of residence. The few tips given above will no doubt guide you in your choice. The main thing is that your canine is as comfortable as possible!

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