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Your Options Of Timber Flooring, It’s Pricing, Pros, And Cons

Your Options Of Timber Flooring, It’s Pricing, Pros, And Cons

Before you are getting the timber flooring in Sydney, you must know what options you have and how to take care of your flooring. It will help you in maintaining the flooring so that it lasts long. Here is a list of each type of timber flooring along with its pros, cons, how much it will cost you and how to take care of them.

●      Hardwood Flooring

Each board of hardwood timber flooring in Sydney is made from a single piece of wood. It means that every board comes with their own individual markings and knots and that gives them a real character. They are considered to be the most durable flooring and hence are most sought after. These are easily available at the wholesale in Sydney.

It is the most expensive flooring due to its real quality. It looks good and adds a real character to any room. It hardly wears down and you can sand it down for restoring the finish. However, it is difficult to fit, shrinks in dry condition and expands in damp ones. And it is expensive.

●      Softwood Flooring

It is softer than hardwood but it offers the same warm and rustic look. Approximately 80% of the timber comes from softwood and hence can be variedly used. Similar to hardwood timber, each slab of softwood is made from a single piece of wood but it is more pliable and easy to work with. You can find softwood flooring at the wholesale.

As compared to hardwood timber flooring, it is cheaper. But it is more expensive than engineered wood or laminate. It looks and even feels like hardwood but at a fraction of cost. Like hardwood, it can also be sanded down to restore the finish. And it is easier to work with and more pliable as compared to hardwood. However, since it is more absorbent than hardwood, hence it expands and shrinks more in wet and dry weather conditions. Also, since it is softer, marks appear easily on them.

●      Engineered Wood Flooring

It is the cheapest option for timber flooring in Sydney and like the above options, these can also be found at the wholesale in Sydney. It offers the thickness and quality of real timber. One slab of engineered wood flooring is about 14mm thick and is made of three to four layers of wood that is glued together at the right angles. And it copes well with moisture as compared to both softwood and hardwood.

It is wildly priced, depending on the veneer and wood finished used. Hence they make a good option for a range of budgets. Also, it is easier to install, it copes well with moisture and offers a wide range of option. However, it has a limited sanding option due to its 4mm veneer. And its price can also go to the extreme.

Every type of timber flooring has its own merit and demerit. You can make an informed decision considering your budget, style and the place where you are going to get it installed.

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