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Packing Tips from Moving Experts

Packing for the move is one of the lengthiest and most stressful parts of relocation. Irrespective of how small or big your move is, across town or the country, it can efficiently make a big difference in your total moving experience. We have rounded up some expert packing tips to help you streamline this process and ensure that all your stuff safely reaches your new home. These touch on everything from choosing the suitable materials to organizing the boxes for easy unpacking.

Start Early and Create a Plan

Create a Packing Schedule: Do not pack everything at the last moment. Start packing well ahead of your moving date. Make a schedule that will take you through a room-by-room process of what days certain areas need to be filled.

Sort items to prioritize: Start with things that are least used, such as seasonal garments, books, and ornaments. Leave behind the everyday stuff until last.

Gather high-quality packing supplies.

Invest in good quality boxes: Use sturdy and strong boxes designed for moving. Do not use old, used boxes or those damaged while they are in storage; they may not offer proper protection for your things.

Packing Materials Safety: Make plenty of packing tape, bubble wrap, paper, and markers available. Specialized packing supplies, such as dish packs and wardrobe boxes, can give extra cushioning and protection to specific properties.

Declutter before packing.

Sort and simplify: Go through your stuff or things and decide what you want to keep, give away, or discard. Packing fewer items allows ease rather than more items.

Garage Sale: Sell a few stuff that is redundant or that you never use. This won’t only help clean your place but also raise some extra cash for the moving to be done.

Pack Strategically

Label Everything: Consult Herlihy Moving and have them mark on each box what it contains and the room it belongs to. Add a color-coding method so everything is easily recognized.

Keep Heavy Items in Small Boxes—This includes books, tools, and other heavy stuff. Never allow heavy things to come into one box to avoid problems in carrying them around. Save the big boxes for linens or clothes.

Maximize the Space

Fill Gaps: Use towels, clothing, or packing paper to fill any box gaps. This will keep the items from moving around during the transit.

Suitcases and Dressers: Just put heavy items like books or electronics into suitcases with wheels, but leave the light items that are unbreakable or unshattering in dresser drawers and wrap them up with plastic wrap.

Design an Essentials Box

Pack Essentials: Make a box with the basics you’ll need upon proper arrival, including toiletries, change of clothes, important kitchen items, relevant documents, and medication.

Keep Valuables Close: These include items like jewelry, essential documents, and personal electronic devices; move them yourself to ensure they are safe and within reach.

Good packing is the key to a smooth and stress-free move. Early planning, gathering proper supplies, clearing clutter, and strategic packing will help you protect your goods in transit and make moving less overwhelming. Be sure to label everything clearly, have an overnight bag with essentials handy, and take care of your organization throughout. With these expert tips, you’ll be well on your way to moving like a professional and easily settling into your new house.

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