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6 Natural Ways To Keep Yard & Garden Pest Free

As summer is approaching, therefore, many pests and rodents will come out to take a sunbath. Unfortunately, these pests are not good for our yard and garden.

It is considered that pest management will start with healthy tree management. While some trees are pest-free and some trees are healthy to fight against pest infestation.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various points that will help in maintaining pest free trees and plants in your yard:

  1. Maintain Good Soil Conditions

The best thing you can do for your tree is to provide rich and healthy soil for their growth. In an ideal scenario, you must have some special species that can be grown well in your region and soil type. Also, ensure the proper drainage system because it resists pest growth and infestation.

By adding compost in your soil, you can deliver essential nutrients in your plant that can help in their optimum growth. You should make sure that excess fertilizer and high nitrogen can take away the nutrients from your soil.

Therefore, you should never use excessive fertilizers because they can be the reason for pest infestation. Moreover, controlling the growth of unwanted plants or weeds also helps in eliminating the pest around your trees.

  1. Proper Tree Watering 

Sometimes over watering your plant can also lead to tree death. Therefore, proper water also plays a crucial role in maintaining tree strength and proper growth.

The excessive supply of water rot out the root of trees and also invite pest and harmful tree diseases. Therefore, trees should be supplied with an adequate amount of water.

On the other hand, if trees are supplied with less amount of amount, then they will become stressed and vulnerable. It is recommended to maintain moist and porous soil for optimum tree growth and prevent pests.

  1. Optimum Tree Pruning

The regular tree pruning can help in growing healthy trees. By proper tree pruning, you can ensure proper air circulation in your tree canopy. With the help of good air circulation, you can get rid of tree infestations.

But, if pruning is done inappropriately, then it can leave wounds on your trees. These open wounds will invite insects and pests for the attack. Therefore, you should never hire an inexperienced person for tree pruning.

You should search for the renowned tree service providers such as tree trimming services Sydney service providers and hire them. The skilled and experienced arborist will bever cut branch collar because it is responsible for tree recovering.

  1. Appropriate Amount Of Mulch

The mulching process help in supplying an adequate amount of water to the tree roots. But, it is necessary to do mulching appropriately. If mulching occurs too deep, then it can lead to root rot due to excessive water in the tree roots.

This will make your tree susceptible to pest infestation. Moreover, the mulching process before the late autumn season should be avoided. It creates a home for pests and insects that will damage your tree.

  1. Autumn Yard Cleanup 

All insects and various other pests will find their place to hind under fallen leaves and decayed branches. When summer season start is about to finish, then you should clean your yard, remove fallen leaves, branches. fruits, etc.

Make sure your yard is clutter-free and well-maintained. If you find any infected material in your yard, they immediately get rid of it. If you keep your yard clean before the starting of the winter season, then it will keep your yard free from pests.

  1. Spraying Solutions

The first step should be tree and yard maintenance to prevent your trees & plants from pests. However, pests appear in your yard even after doing preventing care & maintenance, then you should find the best way to fight a battle against pests in your yard.

We believe the first line of defense when it comes to pest control is preventative action. You can use different types of spraying solutions available in the market. Make sure to hire a professional for spraying these solutions.

If these solutions are sprayed more than required, then they can kill your trees. If trees in your yard are suffering from a bad infestation, then you should immediately call an arborist for inspection and implementing the right technique.

Final Words:

The above-mentioned tips will help you to prevent your yard from pest infestation. The pest and bug infestation can take a toll on trees in your yard. Therefore, a preventive measure should be taken.

If you observe any tree infested with pest or any other harmful tree disease, then immediately call a tree service provider in your area. Before using insecticides, you should implement some eco-friendly ways to get rid of pests and tree diseases.

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