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Home Renovation: The Ultimate Checklist by Sean Robbins
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Home Renovation: The Ultimate Checklist by Sean Robbins

Often, you will come across excellent properties with some flaws. To generate returns, you require refurbishing it to perfection. Renovating a new property sounds effortless. However, home renovation is a hard nut to crack. You require creating a blueprint to master property remodeling like a pro. So, Sean Robbins Portland is here to demonstrate the ultimate home renovation checklist for all real estate investors out there. Let’s get started! 

  1. Begin with the Fundamentals

Like other tasks, home renovation begins with smoothening the fundamentals. Now, what do you mean by fundamentals? It refers to repairing the obvious imperfections in the structure and features of a property. Start your endeavor by leveling the foundation and making it sufficiently robust. Next, you can go for roofing and flooring. You need to check for damp and leaking roofs to fine-tune the property. Furthermore, you can seek plumbers and electricians to fix the bathroom and power supply faults in the property. That’s it!

  1. Interior Designing

Now that you have an impeccable foundation, interior designing is the next phase, says Sean Robbins Portland, OR. Interiors comprise built-ins, cabinets, windows, etc. You can view the project aesthetically as the entities have a direct impact on the residents. So, you can think of a theme before designing the interiors. 

You have two options for interior designing, DIY and contracting. Although DIY is trending, it might consume immense time and effort. Since you have a business, you might not be able to opt for such commitments. So, approaching an interior demolition contractor can be an excellent idea for you. 

  1. Furnishing Project

By now, you must have all large chunks in place. So, you can focus on furnishing. Believe it or not, the furnishing has the power to transform your property dramatically. From sofas to tables and interior swings, all entities will raise the value of your property. Furnishing becomes essential when you are listing the estate as a rental. 

You have two options if your property is a rental estate, semi and fully furnished. In semi-furnished flats, you can escape some furnishing burdens against lower income. However, you require managing everything and earn a higher income every month. The choice of rental is ultimately yours. You can go with a fully furnished plan if you have a higher capital. Else, semi-furnished is your thing. 

Home renovation is not an easy task. You require considering many factors to renovate the property without exceeding the budget. You can consider the above steps to excel at property remodeling without spending immensely. Give them a shot now!

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