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Spring Backyard Inspection and Maintenance Checklists
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Spring Backyard Inspection and Maintenance Checklists

As a homeowner, it is necessary to perform certain inspection and maintenance work around your property once the winter cold ends and warm spring weather begins to kick in. Here is a handy checklist of outdoor tasks you should check off your list. 

Building Inspection Perform a visual inspection of the exterior of all buildings on the property. This should include the roofs, walls, chimneys, walkways, and driveway. Be on the lookout for loose parts, cracks, and other damage. Check if your deck has any loose, cracked, or rotted boards to fix or replace. Do a similar inspection of the foundation and if you find damage like cracks and bulges, call in a professional foundation repair expert. Also, inspect outdoor pipes and plumbing to check for any ice damage. If you have outdoor lighting, check that it is in good working order.

  • Clean Up

You will need to clean up any debris left over after the thaw. Clear your gutters and flush out drainage systems. Where you have wood, like on a deck, fencing, or railings, check for mold and mildew. Use suitable cleaning solutions to eliminate the problem properly and consider staining and resealing. Check for any nests of vermin and clear them away as well. Empty any standing water pools in your yard to prevent mosquitoes. 

  • Windows and Screens

To ensure you get as much natural light as possible, be sure to wash your windows inside and outside. Get them clear with a vinegar-water mix solution. Window and door screens are great for letting in fresh air but often become damaged, especially if you have pets. Check if there is any ripping that may require the replacement of the screen and adjust screen rollers to help the screens doors glide more silently and easily. 

  • Sprinklers

Test your sprinklers to ensure they are working correctly and with no leaks. A faulty irrigation system can create issues with your lawn or garden care. Not to mention leaking sprinklers waste water and can lead to higher utility bills. 

  • Lawn

Check for any bare spots on your lawn and reseed to restore its lushness by summer. Be patient with this, as any damage from the frozen ground may not be evident for a few weeks yet. Prune any overgrown bushes and trees, and get rid of weeds. Check your walkways to see if they need any fixing.

  • Barbecue Grill Prep

With warmer weather comes a chance to get your barbecue grill going. Get out your grill if it has been in storage and deep clean it. Cleaning will help ensure it works efficiently and reduce the risk of flare-ups. Use a grill brush on the interior and grates and warm soapy water for the exterior. Stock up on whatever fuel you usually use.

  • Shed and Garage Prep

Most people store their summer gear in a shed or garage. Take out everything stored in these areas to properly inspect the structure and then clean items as you move them back. Be sure to separate what you will now need, like outdoor patio furniture, and store what you no longer need for now, like winter gear. Also, take stock of your tools and ensure you have easy access to those you may soon need for gardening and other work in the coming weeks and months.

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