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Creative ideas to make your room look cool

Our room is our haven, it is the place that provides us with privacy and comfort level after a long tiring day. We love our room and the safety and comfort it provides. But sooner or later, the ambiance of the room starts looking dull, boring, and the same to you.

Now, you can redesign your whole room, but it will cost you money and time. It doesn’t matter if you can afford to redesign the whole room, but why do it when small changes can help give your room a new and fresh look. Before you start planning the new look of your room that requires the breaking of stuff and designing new things, try small tricks like changing the paint of the room or introducing some art in the room, and so on.

Small changes can work wonders, and the best part about them is that these are almost all DIY ideas. So, for people on a budget, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money. You can give your room a 360-degree turn with less to no money.

Here is some great small budget-friendly idea to change the look of your room.

1. Paint a new color to add warmth and richness to the room

Changing the color of the room can add so much freshness to your room. If your room is plain white or some other soft color, try changing it to a bright and rich color like red or turquoise green, and so on.

Ensure that the color is in contrast with the furniture, don’t let it merge with the furniture. Adding a warm color will make it bright, warm, and rich. Also, it will provide focus to your room.

2. Make your bed every day

It is important to make your bed every day. It sounds simple, but this one thing can make a lot of difference to your room and your day. An unmade bed makes the whole room look untidy no matter whether the whole room is clean except for the bed.

Making your bed the first thing in the morning will make the room look clean, will give you a sense of accomplishment, and will let you come back and relax on a clean bed.

3. Hang posters and wall art

Another thing that can make a difference in your room is art and posters. You can design posters using Canva. Print it out and hang them in your room.

It will inspire you, give your room a fresh look, and will make the ambiance more colorful. Remember to invest in posters and art that keep you engaged. If you buy something just for the sake of it, you will get bored fast.

Also, you can hang photos of friends or family to make the room feel more intimate. Or you can keep the frame with family/friend’s photo on the side table.

4. Add a plant to your room

Adding a plant in your room may not be possible for everyone. But you can try. If you have a balcony in your room, this process will become easy. Otherwise, you can add a small plant in the corner of your room. It will add freshness and a pleasing aesthetic to your room. Also, it will keep the air a bit fresh and clean.

5. Add or remove a furniture

One way to give your room a fresher look is by adding or removing a piece of furniture. For instance, adding a swing chair in your room not only gives it a new look but also makes it look cozy and warm. Bonus, you have a new place to chill in your room, if you don’t feel like laying on the bed.

Similarly, remove a piece of furniture that yields no purpose in your room. Either discard it or replace it with a piece that is useful for you. You can use this point for any room, actually, all points will work on all rooms.

6. Design your wall with your own art

Give your wall a unique and personalized art in your writing or so. For instance, you can paint a tree or something on the wall directly that means something to you. Or you can create art and hang it there.

Another great idea is to write the best paragraph from your favorite book to one wall. It will give it a new look and will inspire you every day.

7. Lightning

Proper lighting is crucial for a good vibe. So, make sure that the room gets enough natural light. If that doesn’t happen or can’t happen, make sure you invest in good artificial lights. Add a side or corner lamp, invest in ceiling lights, and so on.

These are some small ideas that can help you give your room a positive vibe, and a fresh look. They don’t cost much, but only demands some creativity and spare time.

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