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Crane modernization Programs
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Crane modernization Programs

The changing demand in the construction industry requires modernization of equipment and key among them is the cranes. Modernization focuses on upgrading and improving the operational performance of the crane, reducing regular maintenance costs, as well as meeting safety regulations. 

Circumstances under which crane modernization is necessary 

When daily inspections of cranes before work reveal repetitive deficiencies in either mechanical and structural systems, then it is time to opt for crane modernization with an ISO Certified company such as Corporate website van Adrighem. Also, in an instance where other parts such as control systems fail, radio control weakness, frequent repair of crane parts, or a company wants to adopt new technologies in cranes, modernization can be the ideal solution. 

Another sign is when it becomes difficult to find spare parts and especially for the old cranes. This could be caused by the original manufacturer of the crane ceasing operations, lack of distribution networks, and even some parts could have become obsolete. It is in such a scenario when it is necessary to look for a crane repair company to customize parts for older cranes and breathe new life into the equipment for more productivity. According to experts in the auto sector, crane modernization is very important when a firm recognizes the critical components of a crane have attained their service lifespan and there have been multiple repairs.

Types of crane modernization  

The most common modernization of cranes involves.

Control upgrades

It is essential to upgrade the control system of a crane which can be implemented by installing a new control system to prevent frequent interruptions which reduces productivity. For instance, new gear sets can be replaced in the crane drive system to enhance the general speed of the crane. Additionally, faulty parts of control systems can be also upgraded including radio control systems, amplifiers, and injection of other smart parts. 


The size and capacity of electrification are executed by improving the quality of wiring in order to meet desired needs of higher amperage. This upgrade is required when the goal is to increase the capacity of the overhead crane. There are different types of wires that support higher amperage systems. Note, it is important to test the functionality of equipment when the installation is complete.

Mechanical upgrades 

Brake systems, wheels, hoist, and end-truck installations are also another crane modernization refurbishment that is performed. For instance, the cranes are equipped with brakes that are prone to wear thus becoming weak when lifting heavy loads. The renewing of brakes can also encompass reengineering old cranes with new technologies such as war sensors and auto-adjust systems. The beams can also be changed to ensure the crane is stable when lifting materials. 

Crane modernization is one of the cost-effective decisions which companies can take since it can be cheaper than buying a piece of new equipment. When weighing the options of modernizing, replacing, or repairing, it very useful to be implemented during appropriate shifts when the machines are not engaged to reduce the downtime. 

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