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4 Common Misconceptions About Plumbers
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4 Common Misconceptions About Plumbers

The plumbing industry is a busy and lucrative market. Households and properties always require plumbing repairs, installation and rectification requirements. There is a great demand for plumbers and the industry is in need of many new plumbers to cater different plumbing services and emergency needs.

However, a lot of aspiring plumbers are often discouraged by the myths and misconceptions that surround the industry. Let us iron out 5 of the most common misconceptions about plumbers.

Plumbers Are Not Professionals

Some movies have created a negative impression on how plumbers look and work. The image of a smelly, rude and plaid wearing plumber is the common look we see on the media. However, this is far from what plumbers look and work nowadays. Plumbers are professionals. They undergo hundreds of training hours to equip themselves with the knowledge required to handle plumbing projects and emergencies.

They are clean, work politely and wear a professional uniform. Plumbers working freelance or under a plumbing contractor also uphold industry standards in service. For instance, the local plumbers Botany residents rely on will impress you with their workmanship and courteous manner towards their work and their clients.

Plumbers Charge Hefty Fees

Plumbing services are not cheap, but overcharging is a practice that the industry condemns. High fees for plumbing work and services usually cover material costs, adding up to the total costs of the call out. On average labour fees start at $80, but the amount is backed with workmanship guarantees, insurances, free estimate and free diagnosis. The amount is well compensated with the type of craftsmanship plumbers offer.

Meanwhile, plumbing emergencies may also require call out fees and extra charges. However, this is not always true for every plumbing contractor available out there. Some plumbing contractors charge extra fees for emergencies while others do not. You can always contact several plumbing contractors to get free quotes to be able to access which service to hire.

Getting a Home Visit is Difficult

There are plenty of plumbing contractors available nowadays. They feature teams composed of several professionals that can attend to different plumbing needs in different areas, all at the same time.

Getting a home visit from a busy freelance plumber sometimes takes too long. However, that is not the case with plumbing companies and contractors. They are usually equipped with fleets, filled with the necessary tools and accessories that make them ready for any possible plumbing requirement call they may receive.

Punctuality issues for plumbers are a thing of the past. Clients are guaranteed that a call out will arrive at the time discussed and agreed upon. Plumbing contractors invest in customer service hotlines to be able to efficiently manage the time and visits of their crew. Most plumbers nowadays understand and respect that their client’s time is valuable.

Plumbing Requires Simple Work

Among the most common plumbing misconceptions, assuming that plumbing is easy work can be dangerous. A simple leaking faucet can be a pipe waiting to explode at any time. Although DIY work can be sometimes effective to address minor plumbing issues, not all plumbing problems are as minor as it seems.

Dealing with major issues in plumbing is also never easy. Gas leak, for one, is a risky plumbing issue that requires the expertise of a trained professional. The money you spent in working with a licensed professional includes guarantees that every work is done within building and safety standards, a fact that is absent with DIY repairs.

These misconceptions are frustrating to hear, but are gradually going away as leading players in the plumbing industry continue to provide proper information to their clients.

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