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Traditional Roofing Methods That You Are Most Likely to See

Traditional Roofing Methods That You Are Most Likely to See

There are a number of different methods of roofing that you are likely to see, and these are reasonably old, time and tested methods that are recognized across the industry. They are used with the intention of achieving a few different things, which include protection from water damage, warmth, protection from pests, and also keeping you and the inside of your home safe from the elements. Some of these methods are not used much anymore because of the developments in materials that have occurred, but they are all still interesting in how they achieved what they set out to achieve even so long ago.

Do You Need a Roofer?

If you are reading this because you need a roofer to help out with some repairs, or you would like to have a new roof installed and are curious about the methods that might be used to do so, then you should consider reaching out to a roofing company such as Marquis Roofing. These professionals are going to be able to offer you plenty of advice on the work that can be done to your property before getting to work for you.

Thatch Roofing

This is an older method that does not get used much today but is still recognized by the industry as being an important part of the history of roofing. It involved using straws, grasses, reeds, and heathers that had but been cut, dried, and then bundled. These were then taken up to the roof and attached so as to provide a good amount of protection. You do still see this method occasionally in some rural properties but not too often.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are an extremely popular method of roofing, and you will quite commonly still find them being used today. That being said, the methods used to manufacture these tiles have changed a great deal thanks to constant advancements that are being made in technology. They were previously made by hand, and as such, there were often imperfections in them. This is no longer the case, as now they can be created with little to no variations between the tiles. This is a popular and cost-effective method of roofing that is liked because of the durability that comes with it.

Stone Roofing

You will often find stone roofing on British roofs as this method has been used for centuries. When you consider this historic practice, the aim was to always make each tile as thin as possible, making it a rectangular shape and then laying them overlapping with one another. This helped to prevent moisture from getting into the roof.


There are a number of different methods of roofing that are available today. A lot of these are quite historic, and as such, some get used a lot more than others. For instance, thatch roofing is not that popular anymore, but you still have plenty of properties that use clay tiles as their roofing method.

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