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Top 7 Energy-Saving Tips for Winter
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Top 7 Energy-Saving Tips for Winter

The cold month of winter always comes with high energy bills because the need to keep the house warm rises. If you live in a place that experiences harsh winter conditions, you may spend a lot on heating your home during these months. Moreover, most people spend more time at home during winter, which leads to more energy use. It is crucial for the homeowner to devise ways to reduce energy bills and carbon footprint. Here are great suggestions you can try this winter.

  • Conduct an Energy Audit

Before anything else, it will be a good idea to have an energy audit to know where most of your energy is going. This way, you can start saving and eliminate unnecessary areas using energy. For instance, if you realize a lot of energy is being used in the laundry room, consider hand washing your clothes, washing clothes in loads, and dry hanging them.

  • Buy a Smart Thermostat

It will also be a good idea to invest in a smart thermostat. The thermostat is programmable to control the house’s temperature automatically. Additionally, it switches off the heating when rooms are empty, or you are away. The best thing is that you can control the thermostat remotely. Therefore, no need to worry if you leave the heater on or want to go to a warm home after work.

  • Insulate Your House

Another important thing you should do to reduce energy bills is checking on your house’s insulation. Add insulation to the attic since this is the main part where most heat gets lost. It would help if you also went for external wall insulation in Ilford to ensure heat does not escape through the walls. Pay attention to areas around plumbing and electrical outlets since heat also escapes through these parts.

  • Seal Your Windows and Doors

Closing your doors and windows during winter will not be enough to prevent heating from escaping and cold air from seeping in. You should go the extra mile to seal them to ensure the heat does not leak. Pay attention to the spaces between the door and the floor.

  • Unblock Air Vents

Ensure drapes and furniture are not blocking the air vents that bring heat into the house. Otherwise, your system will be doing too much work to keep your house warm. So, clean the air vents and remove any obstructions.

  • Check Your Heating System

If your heating system is straining to heat your house, expect more energy bills. The best way to ensure your system works efficiently is to conduct routine checkups and repair issues early. This way, the system will not break down when you need it the most.

  • Turn off Lights and Devices When not in Use

Always turn off the lights when not using a room. This ensures energy does not go to waste. Also, ensure devices are lugged off or switched off when not in use. Remember, even when you are not using a device, it can still consume energy if plugged on. So, save energy by unplugging when you don’t need them.

Key Takeaways

These are suggestions you can try to save energy in winter. Remember, it saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint, ensuring you take part in saving the planet.

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