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What to Do with Items You Don’t Want to Bring to Your New Home

Everyone has something in the house that they no longer use. It could be in the garage, bedroom, shed, attic, etc. One great thing about moving to a new place is that it lets you declutter your old home and get rid of everything you don’t need. In fact, one step of moving is decluttering your home to remove the unwanted stuff. Minimizing your stuff reduces the moving cost and the size of the truck you need to haul the items. Before you call McLaughlin Transportation, you want to ensure you have only the necessary transport items. So, what do you do with the items you no longer want and don’t want to bring to the new home? Before we look at how to get rid of items you don’t need, let us take a closer look at these items.

Things to Get Rid of When Packing for a Move

The secret to organized packing is removing all the items you don’t need. That means you must go through our items, sort them out and separate them to know what to pack and remove. There are everyday things in most homes that people no longer use. Therefore, it will not be necessary to haul them to the new place. Such include:

  • Expired medicine
  • Perishable food
  • Old furniture
  • Unread books
  • Old toiletries
  • Plants and flowers
  • Clothes you no longer wear
  • Explosives
  • Items in the storage unit
  • Plastic containers

What to Do with the Clutter

When sorting out your items, it is advisable to categorize them to make it easy to remove them. So, make sure you have a box where you will keep items you want to donate, sell, recycle, gift someone, throw away, or keep in a storage unit.

  • Recycle

There are items in the house that you can recycle to help you in another way. For instance, you can use the old boxes to pack your items as long as they are still in good condition. Look for things you can use to facilitate your moving. Use linen to pack fragile or sharp items. Make sure you also leave original boxes to pack your appliances.

  • Sell

Another thing you can do with the items is to sell them. If you have enough time before the moving day, sort out some items you can sell in a yard sale. It will give you extra money you can add to your moving budget.

  • Gift Someone

You may have something in the house that is still in good condition, or you may not have used it. If you know someone who needs it, it can be a good idea to gift them. The item will help the person in one way or another.

  • Donate to Charity

The things you no longer need are helpful to another needy person. Therefore, be part of the charitable work by donating some of these items to charity. It is a good way of helping someone in need.

  • Throw Away

Some items may be broken or worn out, so they are no longer helpful. Keep such items in a separate box and throw them away in a dumpster.


Decluttering to get rid of excess and unwanted items is crucial when moving. Use the above ways to remove all the items you don’t want to bring to your new home.

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