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How to keep your eyes healthy when you work on a computer all day

How to keep your eyes healthy when you work on a computer all day

In today’s digitalized world, more and more of us are spending the majority of our days working on a computer. On top of which, we often spend much of our relaxation time looking at a screen, too. The downside of this is that you might find your eyes starting to feel dry, tired, or simply uncomfortable. For some people, this digital eye strain can cause other irritating symptoms such as neck pain, headaches, and blurred vision. As such, it’s important to take steps to keep our eyes healthy when using a computer all day. Here are some top tips.

Adjust your computer

Nowadays, computer manufacturers are well aware of the issue of eye strain, and have come up with some ways to make screen use easier on our eyes. For example, it’s best to adjust the brightness of your screen so that it’s not shining like a light source, or too dim to read comfortably. Similarly, you should change the size of the text on websites or documents so that you can read it with ease. Finally, consider switching your display into ‘dark mode’ when using a computer late at night. These days most apps and web browsers offer this as an option. 

Optimize your set-up

In addition to altering the settings on your computer, you should think about where it is situated. For instance, you want to avoid having bright light shining directly on the screen, because this can cause glare—the best option is to have a window to the side of where you sit if possible. Another top tip is to make sure that your computer is about an arm’s length from your face and at eye level, especially if you have a large screen. You can also get a blue light-blocking filter that goes on top of your computer screen to help reduce eye strain.

Have regular eye checks

Most opticians suggest that you have an eye test every couple of years, and more often if you have any issues with your vision. These check-ups are a chance to not only assess your vision and see whether you need glasses, but also to check the overall health of your eyes. Just like you set reminders to renew your cheap car insurance in Austin TX, make sure that you do the same for your medical appointments. The sooner any problems are detected, the higher the chance of treating them successfully.

Change your habits

There are lots of small lifestyle changes we can make to help care for our eyes when working on a screen all day. For example:

  • Take regular breaks and focus your eyes on an object in the distance to relax the muscles that are used to focus on objects close to you
  • Take care to blink regularly – research has found that we blink less when looking at a screen, which is part of the reason why our eyes dry out when using a computer for a long time
  • Wear blue light-blocking glasses when on your laptop late at night, to help prevent it from disrupting your sleep cycle
  • Minimize your screen use when possible!

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