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7 Ways to Prepare For A Cold Winter

7 Ways to Prepare For A Cold Winter

Has the temperature dropped drastically where you are? 

It seems like five minutes ago we were celebrating with barbecues in the summer sunshine, now we’re bundling up with sweaters and blankets staring down the barrel of fall quickly turning into winter, and it’s likely to be a cold one this year!

Preparation Is Key

It’s time to prepare for a cold winter and knowing what to do in advance can help you get through it in the best way possible.

Get Your Winter Gear Together

We’re not just talking hats and scarves here; think about what equipment you’ll need to ensure you are safe and happy throughout winter.

Get your heating system fixed and working if you’ve not checked it in a few months, and consider looking at Cub Cadet snow blowers to keep your drive and sidewalk clear from snow and safe to walk on.

Dress Appropriately 

Dressing for winter doesn’t have to be difficult, there are lots of options with the wide range of warm clothing available these days.

Have a look for winter hats for information on some great styles that can help you stay comfortably warm, that old beanie might not be enough anymore!

Create an Emergency Kit

There are lots of emergencies that can happen to you in winter. It’s best to be prepared and have some supplies on hand if things do go wrong. 

An emergency kit should contain basic first aid supplies, warm clothes and access to food and water (and preferably a way to filter water). Think about the items you’ll need on a daily basis, to make sure they’ll be included in your kit.

It’s also a good idea to have a working flashlight with extra batteries in case of a power outage.

Check Your Smoke Detectors 

These potentially life-saving devices should be checked at the beginning of every season and always have working batteries in them. If you can, have a Carbon Monoxide alarm too – it’s a particularly silent killer. 

Keeping Clean in Winter 

One of the biggest challenges in winter is keeping your home clean when you’re stuck inside all day. It can feel like it takes twice as much effort cleaning in winter than the rest of the year! 

With that being said, it’s important to remember that germs and bacteria build up indoors in winter, so taking regular breaks to clean and sanitize is really crucial, especially with COVID still present in our everyday lives and the nation’s immunity to winter flu and colds at an all-time low.

Keep Yourself Warm

The key point here is to stay at a low warm temperature all day and night – your house should be warm when temperatures plummet at night, but not unbearable during the day when you’re moving around and appliances or ovens are on. 

Use Your Fireplace 

All that time spent sitting inside could be spent outdoors sitting by the fire! 

If you don’t have a fireplace, consider picking up a wood-burning stove to help stay warm and cozy. 

Some people with the DIY spirit create a fire pit in their backyard, perfect for some winter smores time!

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